My new name

While checking in with my parents by phone, because they’re interstate and not internet users, my mother told me the new name she’d chosen for me. According to the internet, the name means humble flower. As a gardener obsessed with attracting pollinating insects, I think I can cope with that!

I’d invited my parents to choose a new name, for use only within the family. They weren’t using the name I’d chosen for myself, and it had started to bother me. I knew my mother had been particularly attached to the one she’d Christened me with, and she’d been deeply affected by my transition. So instead of asserting myself, I thought this might be a win/win solution.

It’s a shame I don’t feel able to share more about my mother, or about our relationship. It’s the sort of complicated story I’d enjoy in YA fiction. Let’s just say it’s been fraught and our moments of closeness are regrettably infrequent. She sounded happy that I was happy with the name, and I basked in that warmth.


To help maintain a positive outlook during the next few months, I’m reinstating the Happy Jar. This success will be going in it. I’ll look forward to rereading everything at the end of the year. Do you keep a Happy Jar?

15 thoughts on “My new name

  1. I like the idea of your parents choosing a new name for you. My husband &I must have tossed at each other a million ideas. But when my son’s name came up-it was just right.

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    1. Makes sense! I find it hard enough to locate childhood friends, if now married. I worried about that aspect when I was choosing my new name a few years back. I also wondered how genealogists tracked people.


  2. No, nothing like a happy jar for me. I do, at times go back and reread praising blog comments and emails I’ve received when I’m feeling particularly useless as a writer. That really helps. Bold to allow your mother to rename you. I’m not particularly happy with my name, especially when my father calls me Jeffrey, but I named my kid Elias, so who am I to talk.

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  3. It’s really neat, considering the sounds of the relationship, that your mom ended up picking a name for you that means humble flower. And don’t we all bestow names on our loved ones that we might like to have ourselves? Or attain the meanings of… with a little practice, perhaps. ;))

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  4. Humble Flower. HF… I just realized that in French, it’s a pretty neat set of initials (Homme/Femme). And the meaning sure gives a lovely nickname… seems to suit you, somehow, imho. :)) Hope you don’t mind me saying so. xoxo 💐🐝

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