Today’s dust bunnies

My newly discovered comfort zone has become a springboard. It reminds me of attachment theory – a stable centre from which to venture.

Each day a new, moderately scary event with moderately predictable rewards. Each day a flurry of words and insight. Delight. Followed, predictably, by a slurry of self doubt and residual pleasure.

Today, more pleasure than self-doubt. Even the confusion is colourful, sun-kissed. Hopeful.

This sounds more like haiku than prose, more puzzle than even poetry presents to me. Perhaps I have exceeded my daily word allocation and these are the reclaimed. I should eat. I write differently when fed.

Cricket chorus outside the window. Cat curled beside my knee. Life is warm and loud and good.

12 thoughts on “Today’s dust bunnies”

  1. Still love this post. It’s like a mini-oasis. :)) Thinking of you, and hoping you are well. I’ve had some rough times in the past while. But the sun is shining today, intermittently. ⛅️


    1. Thank you! Delighted to have you visit. 🙂 I thought of you earlier, while at the botanic gardens, admiring native bees and dragonflies. Yellow and black dragonflies, with threads of gold across the top of each wing. One flew directly to a flower in front of my nose, and all I had was my old Nokia phone to photograph it with. Not a complete success, but the shimmer remains in my brain. :))


      1. Oh wow. Such a gorgeous snippet. Makes me want to visit more often. (I need to get out more. :)) Thank you. 💛🐝 “Threads of gold.”


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