Fires, grief and human connection

I’m aware that I’ve not updated people on the bushfires and that’s for multiple reasons. I’m in no danger, I’m not a reliable source of general information, and I basically shut down around that subject. As much as I want to research and participate meaningfully, my mind says no. Have to admit that I’ve been judging myself for all of this, because numbness/denial is no solution and feelings tend to sneak out sideways regardless. But my professional support people are on holidays.

Anyway today I received an email from the Australian River Restoration Centre, which is always a pleasure for me. They’re a fine mix of human wisdom and ecological know-how. Somehow their emails soothe and inspire me.

Today’s email provided a link to a podcast which has already brought a few tears and comfort. I’m grateful anew for these people. And I recommend the podcast to you if you are grieving, or fearful about climate change, bushfires, or other ecological issues. It’s just over eight minutes long. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Fires, grief and human connection”

  1. We are on the far side of the world here in Canada, but we sympathize and care about what’s happening over there. The climate crisis can be terrifying. Here in our own country we have been hit with winter storms that saw the city of St. John’s in Newfoundland calla state of emergency due to horrific amounts of snow that buried the city. All over the world “natural” disaster are causing havoc. I am praying for all areas that are experiencing the fall our from the climate crisis. God bless you all.


  2. I’m not really a podcast consumer, so I haven’t listened. but on this topic: It’s hard for me that Australia hasn’t passed some sort of tipping point this summer and we’ll see the same elsewhere as the year progresses.


    1. There’s a transcript on the linked page if you’d rather read. I know I would, some days. Expecting this year to be a white knuckle ride. Starting to understand preppers.


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