Human pinballs and cool cats

Next door’s tiny human pinballs sent me out into the street, where I remembered that days like these were great for safe cycling and jaywalking. In the past I’ve taken my hula hoop for a walk, but today only my father’s old camera wanted to come along.

Four cyclists, three ducks, two water-skiers and one magpie, down at the river. And an agoraphobe (me) enjoying the quiet. I used to spend half my life down there, photographing, cycling, walking, and poking the leaf litter for critters and mushrooms, before the anxiety provoked by multiple human interactions (and my responses to them) kept me on a tighter leash. It was good to be back.

An hour and a mild case of sunburn later, home again to play with photos, sans trousers. It’s hot out there.

I’d worn my Chaco sandals, forgetting about tiger snakes. No bites to report, but the accumulated scents delighted my cat. She’s an indoor cat, for the sake of wildlife, so enrichment is important. Along with other games, we both enjoy the indoor hunting feeder the vet gave her. After hearing of Gus the swimming Tonkinese cat, though, I can’t help wondering if she’s missing out.

3 thoughts on “Human pinballs and cool cats”

  1. This looks like our cat, the retriever kitty, the beloved common looking, yet one in a million kitty. The other side of the world and there is yet another almost like a twin.


    1. Test the cat within your home, for there lays the truth, that if you take a small piece of tissue, roll it up real small into a ball, get the cats attention and flick ~ ~ ~ then you will find one day after several attempts, you too could very well have a retriever kitty.


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