Beware ‘resilience’ (shared from Sleepproject)

You know those days when you are processing ideas and haven’t quite pulled them all together yet? When you’re swimming in word soup and enjoying the fluidity of it all too much to sit down and try to pin them to paper? I’m having a day like that, and found this post on resilience. I was swimming in all the things I wrote of the other day, along with all the other goodies that bind me together these days, with sap and tears and the goop on composting worms. I feel these words right down to my toenails. I can almost hear my red blood cells jig to their beat. (Ok I sound stoned right now and I’m not, LOL)

Enjoy! 🙂


If a tree falls down in a storm and lands against another tree, the second tree can be damaged, even though it was strong enough or fortunate enough to withstand the storm. The second tree may even eventually die when fungi and other species which move in to break down the fallen tree, move over and eat it from the inside, taking advantage of damaged areas at first. At the same time the fallen tree may not die, depending on how well the surviving roots can sustain the body through the trauma and loss of many roots, and again, on the actions of the numerous other species who benefit from the tree’s aliveness or deadness.

So it is with us humans. We seem to listen when we are told to be strong, self-reliant and resilient, and we invite these concepts in, because hearing about what we are supposed to be while we are growing…

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One thought on “Beware ‘resilience’ (shared from Sleepproject)

  1. I have a friend who described the current fad for fostering ‘resilience’ once as a bit like giving someone a leaky gas mask and throwing them back in a toxic environment.
    It’s a handy addition to the arsenal of words basically throwing the problem back at the person who’s hurting.
    But the funny thing is,
    people who have been there, who have been hurt, and lived with that hurt…
    they are the ones who really know sonething about resilience. They’ve lived it.

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