NaNo wrings surprises

Writing every day is my own choice. Nobody is forcing me to sit and await inspiration-strikes or dig for previously unexplored relics. I can’t even blame NaNoWriMo because nobody made me sign up. I thought it would be fun. I wanted to be surprised.

I’m surprised all right. I’m surprised by how wrung out I am by twenty-two consecutive days of writing. It’s not as though my whole day is spent here, but it’s a commitment. It’s one that does not come naturally to me. I had relied on the irrepressible urges to write – if I don’t write I talk to myself, and I know which one is more socially embarrassing. A flare erupts up top and I sit on the cat, or scooch her away, and a flurry of activity results, almost effortlessly. Then I sit back, astonished that my day has been thus interrupted.

But NaNo. No. No flares, lately. Flares have departed. Flurries diminished. I feel underfed, wrung out like a toothpaste tube. It’s not pretty. I’m… well, I was going to say I’m pustular. Nobody needs that mental image. But I feel like a leftover Halloween prop that a horse sat on. At the end of the month, I’m counting on my body’s healing instinct to restore my pre-NaNo dimensions and patina.

Fingers crossed. Too stubborn to stop now. There have to be more words left in the old fart.


PS: I don’t really sit on the cat. That was a lie for dramatic effect, in case you worried. She’s spoiled rotten and I didn’t want to admit that part. If she steals my desk chair, I use the exercise ball. I need a photo of her. This pic is of Puss. RIP. And the top photo was taken at a public garden, where I like to walk my old camera.

10 thoughts on “NaNo wrings surprises

  1. Omg. Thank you for this. This is along the lines of what I nearly posted yesterday (including conversation with my selves), but was feeling far too down in the dumps to hit publish on it. I might post it today. You’ve given me courage. But I feel the same about NaNo. For you it’s understandable (this is only your first time; you were innocent to its potential blocking powers to an already-prolific writer). But I should know better (this is my third time). Why why why do I keep doing it. It’s odd. Sucker for punishment I guess. Tally ho!

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      1. I ended up adding a whole post-note section to it and now I can’t decide whether to make that a separate post lol!!!! Arg. And now I’ve got some chimps jumping on the bed. ayayay 🐒🙉🐵

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  2. I avoid NaNoWriMo. It’s not the way I write. If it’s something long then I have to spend some time thinking about, especially if it’s an ongoing story. Writing several thousand words a day consecutively would drive me crazy after a while. But good on you for how much you’ve achieved on it so far.

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  3. Are you noveling or creative nonfictioning? As a journal/memoir/CNF writer, I feel left out. Also, I don’t know if November is the right month. January or February seem better suited. In November I’m trying to squeeze out a bit more (northern hemisphere) autumn. NOthing is going on in February. Yes, I realize this is a hemispherist statement.

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    1. I’m one of the NANO Rebels, who are doing anything but noveling, lol. Was released to discover that was a thing. At the start I told myself that I could write anything I darn well pleased, including poetry and mind maps, because all forms of creativity feed the main project (memoir). So don’t let the novel thing put you off. Scheduling though, I understand. I’d prefer an Antipodean winter month, but November worked for me this year. Maybe one year things will click for you too.

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