Reasons I follow bloggers

Because they make me snort with laughter.

They surprise me with each click.

They intrigue me, and I want to watch the unfurling.

Because of the warmth in my heart as I read.

Because I admire the way they think.

Because I respect the work involved in each post.

Because they seem like someone I’d enjoy hanging out with, if I/we were sociable.

Because their world is vastly different from mine.

Because I can learn from them.


So many blogs, so little time. I have to narrow the field of daily reading options somehow.

Thank you all. May your weekend be nourishing. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Reasons I follow bloggers

  1. Some people you like and some you don’t. It’s very difficult to listen to someone when you instinctively know that you don’t like them. Following your own rules, you give what you take and that’s just dandy – you’re always great to read. Keep on keeping on.

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